The Detective

Brook Deelman: Profile

Age: Late 30s

Born: Botswana

Home: London, UK

Ethnicity / Gender: White male

Height: 6’2″

Weight:  230 lbs

Profession: Met Police (13 years)

Rank: Detective Constable


        3 x Bravery commendations

        2 x Investigative commendations

        Sergeant’s exam ‘Distinction’ (promotion never taken)

Vehicle: 1980 Land Rover Defender

Friends: Jonboy (ex-Royal Military Police)

Sports: Rugby (retired) 

Injuries: Numerous

Education: Home school (Botswana) University (UK)


        English, Afrikaans (fluent)

        German, Setswana (conversational) 

        French (basic)

Likes: Beer, the piano, logic

Dislikes: Management speak, official lies, corrupt cops

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