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BY ED CHURCH (April 2020) When writing a book, self-doubt is never a million miles away. At some point, a familiar question will always find a way of popping into your head… ‘Is this really any good?’. When I was in the police, a similar feeling would sometimes creep up on me at the start […]


BY ED CHURCH (August 2020) We live in a shouty world, don’t we? One where the volume on public discourse seems stuck on Max, the media act as fight promoters, and we are encouraged to spend our days at constant loggerheads with one another. I’ve been even more aware of this since re-joining social media […]


BY ED CHURCH (May 2020) The theme of old photos crops up a few times in Non-Suspicious. Safe to say, I have a bit of a thing for them. When ensconced in one of my favourite writing venues (old pubs) my breaks generally involve putting the pen down and taking myself on a tour of […]

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